The Gift of Listening in Coaching

In the spirit of our ’24 Days of Coaching’ Advent journey, we pause to explore one of the most precious gifts a coach can offer: active listening.

Active listening is not just about hearing words; it’s about truly understanding and empathising with the speaker. It’s a skill we emphasise in child coaching because it fosters deeper connections and trust between the coach and the young mind.

When children and adolescents feel heard, they are more likely to open up, express their thoughts and feelings, and engage more actively in the coaching process. This not only enriches their coaching experience but also lays the foundation for better communication and emotional growth.

As we unwrap the gift of listening today, consider how you can practice active listening in your interactions with young minds and how it can enhance your coaching journey.

Stay tuned for more coaching insights, tips, and stories as we continue our ’24 Days of Coaching’ Advent. Together, we empower the future, one young mind at a time. #ActiveListeningInCoaching #ChildCoachingAdvent”

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